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I try to observe my surroundings through the eyes of my soul and translate the resulting emotions into colours.

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"The greatest freedom is staying true to yourself and fully experiencing your own uniqueness consisting of strengths, weaknesses, advantages, deficiencies and emotions. Your own feelings and the fulfillment of your own dreams and desires should always come first. We determine who we are and who we become.”


Each of us, at least once in our lives, has wished or dreamed of living a tailor-made existence centered around one's passions, skills, beliefs, and desires. As children everything seemed possible: in our imagination we could become anything and be anywhere. As adults, we distanced ourselves from this magical world and instead learned to behave rationally and sanely. Society with its predetermined and unwritten rules leaves little or no room for self-determination, dreams, authenticity and achieving a fulfilling existence.


Nevertheless, we should make use of all opportunities, even the smallest ones. The question now is, are we actually ready to use the available leeway, to let go of all limitations and finally become the creators of our destiny?


My acrylic technique, which I am constantly evolving, is an invitation to show our uniqueness and our childish side to the world and to enjoy every moment of the journey towards a "full life" with courage, curiosity, passion and openness.

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