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Emotional Whirls

Our soul is like a water mirror and every life experience is like a small stone that hits our water mirror and creates emotional vortices.  In the series I have translated these vortices into colorful representations.


Flip Cup

Acrylic paints, silicone oil, spontaneity, curiosity and the joy of experimentation.

The mixing all of these ingredients in one cup results in vivid cell designs with unexpected play of colors on the canvas.


Heart paintings with different techniques but same message: all we need in life is love for ourselves.

Despite our weaknesses or imperfections, we are lovable because we are unique.


Nature offers us the most beautiful color palettes, starting with the warm tones at sunset, the blue-turquoise tones of the water mirrors, the colorful explosion of flowers in spring and ending with the golden tones of autumn.

The paintings in this series are about depicting a nature observed through the eyes of my soul, filtered with my emotions.

Opposites' Attraction

Yin and yang, love and hate, black and white, rationality and emotionality. What do all these concepts have in common? They are all concepts that have a simple meaning on their own. But they reinforce and complement each other in importance when considered together.

This series is all about the attraction of complementary colors to represent that uniqueness.

Unusual Pretty

Unusual formats as an expression of a strong, creative and adventurous personality

Not available for sale.

Other inspirations

Be inspired by a collection of selected earlier works. The same color palette or technique could be the one for your next personal piece of art!

Not available for sale.

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