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Invigorating, liberating, inspiring creativity

"I want to encourage people
to rediscover their passions and live freely, unconventionally and for real."

Self-taught artist with Italian roots. My life can be summed up as follows: bright colors instead of expressionless numbers: abstract acrylic painting as a liberating journey to (re)discover my own emotional world in a monotonous reality.

About me

Über mich | Laura Longoni
Meine Kunst | Laura Longoni Art

My art

My art is a discovery journey in the expressiveness power of the world of colour. Get inspired and enjoy this journey.

Meine Philosophie | Laura Longoni Art

Art as a liberating experience for our uniqueness and a mean to achieve a fulfilling existence.

My philosophy


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Outside of the normal gallery world, I've created a wonderful space on Instagram to present my colorful artworks.

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