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Bright play of colors instead of expressionless numbers: abstract acrylic painting as a liberating journey to discover one's own emotional world.

Laura Longoni is a contemporary abstract artist with Italian roots.

Her love for art began in childhood and continued to develop during her school years as she learned about the Impressionist and Expressionist artists and their idea of placing a focus on one's perception of reality and on one's own emotions during art history classes put, became fascinated.

After studying business administration and a career-related break, she rediscovered her creative side and first learned the mix media techniques with colored pencils, alcohol markers, pastels, watercolors and later she expanded her artistic horizons to include abstract acrylic painting with the acrylic pouring Technology.

The decision to reinvent himself and devote himself entirely to abstract art is the result of a personal crisis. From day to day, everyday work as a financial accountant was gradually perceived as static and restrictive due to the lack of opportunities for development. She felt trapped in a life that no longer met her expectations and desires and lacked freedom, spontaneity and self-determination. She began to question her own motivation and goals in life.

At the end of this process of self-reflection, art became her way out. She developed an unconventional pouring technique that uses fire, airflow and other materials instead of normal brushes as tools to bring a dynamic and spontaneous play of colors to the canvas. Each painting becomes a visual representation of her journey to discover her emotional world and at the same time a reaction against a regimented environment.

She was born in 1986 and lives in Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Brandenburg.

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