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Pastel, neon and pearl colours from Action. Are they worth it?

Updated: Jun 23

Overview pastel, neon and pearl acrylics AVEC (Action)

Among the products that I bought when I started your journey I decided to give a try to following affordable acrylic paints sold in your local non-food discounter (Action):

  • the pastel colours by AVEC, available in 8 different colours and sold into 2 packages of 4 bottles of 80ml.

  • the neon colours by AVEC, available in 8 different colours and sold into 2 packages of 4 bottles of 80ml.

  • the pearl colours by AVEC, available in a package of 6 tubes of 22ml in the colours silver, blue, green, yellow, pink and purple.

I was attracted by the wonderful colour range for both pastels and neon and by the possibility to achieve a particular effect through the pearl colours.

Unfortunately, your enthusiasm by using them became quickly disappointment and here is what I experienced:

Neon and pastel acrylic paints AVEC (action)

  • If on the one side they are affordable and have a beautiful range of pastels, on the other side, when it comes to use them in a pouring, it seem to be impossible to mix them with a pouring medium and, once dried, the pigments (or whatever it was used to give them the colour) don’t remain on the canvas.

  • They are not the same quality as the bigger tubes and smell

  • The neon are wonderful and bright when wet and tend to become darker once dried

  • I don’t know why but they seem to be incompatible with the paint in the bigger tubes: when together on the canvas, especially the titanium white, the paint in the bigger tube tends to thicken.

Acrylic Pearl Colours AVEC (Action)

Before I could use them in a little pouring I wanted to understand their behaviour and how strong their (promised) effect was. I took a piece of watercolour paper, drew some squares with some dark Sharpie markers on it and applied the pearl colours on them. When dried , the effect was slightly (if not visible at all).

Pearl acrylic paints AVEC - Set 6

Despite I was not completely satisfied I believed that the problem was the fact that I didn’t combined them with a dark base (the watercolour paper was white) and I hoped that once poured with a dark colour such as blue, purple or black, the effect could be more visible.

Swatch pearl acrylic paints AVEC

I did a little ring pour using all pearl colours and a blue but, also in this case, I didn’t have any luck: when poured together with other paints they disappear, the special colour seems to be more a powder glitter than a pigment and the effect is away.

Pouring test pearl acrylic paints AVEC

Final assessment for pastel, neon and pearl colours of the AVEC brand (Action)

Even though they seem to be a good alternative, pastel, neon and pearl colours of the brand AVEC (Action) are unfortunately not worth to be used in a pouring due to a lack quality.

Have you already tried these colours? What results did you achieve? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope this tips will help you to improve the choice of the colours for your paintings.

Thank you for reading. If you like the post, feel free to leave a like, a comment and don’t forget to follow my blog, my Instagram and share the content on your social media.

Have a colourful and creative day!



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